Trampoline Dog Ramp

Trampoline Dog Ramp



Recently, here at Trampolines with Enclosures, we’ve been having a large number of trampoline owners informing us that their kids aren’t the only ones who’ve been making use of their new trampoline.

Yes, it seems like mans best friend has taken a shine to the new garden feature!

Despite some dogs being able to navigate their way up on the ladder, many have failed to master the technique and sadly numerous injuries have been reported.

That’s lead us to the development of our latest accessory, the Trampoline Dog Ramp. With one of these installed, your canine companion can effortlessly join you on the bouncer and descend quickly and safely when they’ve had enough!

One customer has even gone a step further and built a ramp that lets his dogs go from garden to bedroom in a flash (see video below).


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Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for our Trampoline Cat Flap coming later in the year!




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